The PTSO supports the school community through a variety of activities.  If you are a school associated organization or faculty member that would like to request financial assistance from the PTSO, complete a Request for Funds form Request for Funds and submit to JoeAnn Kimball, Assistant Principal.  Forms need to be submitted prior to PTSO meeting scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month.  Organizations/faculty members approved for funding agree to support the PTSO by volunteering at a PTSO fundraiser. 


    PTSO funded activities include:

    ·         Prom Promise

    ·         Senior Scholarships

    ·         Board appreciation

    ·         Teacher appreciation

    ·         Holly Hain 5K

    ·         Drama Club

    ·         Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness Poster Contests

    ·         Ski Club

    ·         Mitten Tree

    ·         School Supplies

    ·         Middle School Incentives

    ·         7th grade Welcome Ice Cream Social

    ·         8th grade Farewell Dance

    ·         HEAL Club